Imad Ghreiwati

Mae Hubiy

The Birth of imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy 

The journey of Imad Ghreiwati began in Beirut, Lebanon. A metropolitan city that overlooked the gorgeous Mediterranean coasts. Like most Arab families, Imad Ghreiwati belonged to a huge household. From grandparents to great-grandchildren, he was enveloped in love and compassion. Being the first grandchild, Imad Ghreiwati spent most of his childhood on the laps of his grandparents. A resilient couple who was tuff on rules yet soft on mistakes. As Imad Ghreiwati was naturally curious, he followed his grandparents everywhere, from the farmers’ market to their old kitchen. It was in that old kitchen where Imad Ghreiwati picked up a knife, cracked an egg, and learned the art of cooking.   

As years went by, Imad Ghreiwati ‘s passion for cooking intensified. During his spare time, he perfected age-old recipes and wandered through Beirut in search of the finest ingredients. With every new discovery, Imad Ghreiwati’s love for cooking and Beirut soared high. But the fond experiences came to a standstill when suddenly Beirut transformed from a charming city to a war-torn neighborhood. Forced to evacuate his roots, Imad Ghreiwati left for the UAE in his 20s.  

With a single bag and countless memories, Imad Ghreiwati began his journey as an aspiring chef in Dubai. Throughout his career, he strived for perfection. He was hardworking, concentrated, and resilient; he was all the things his grandparents taught. Finally in 2005, after years of struggle, Imad Ghreiwati got the chance to start his venture. That is when imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy was born.  

When Imad Ghreiwati conceptualized imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy, there was not a shred of doubt about its goal. It was then, and now, a resilient restaurant home to authentic Lebanese cuisine. He designed a menu that boasted the rich flavors of Lebanon and hired personnel based on their passion. He created a vibrant environment that produced exquisite results every time. To Imad Ghreiwati, imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy is a letter; a love letter to his grandparents and Beirut.  

Despite the unfortunate events in Lebanon, Imad Ghreiwati stays adamant to boast his rich culture and lead imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy with the same love, energy, and resilience as Beirut and his grandparents.


At imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy, we put tremendous care into crafting a menu that boasts Lebanon’s rich Mediterranean flavors and energy. Creating a beautiful harmony of the finest ingredients and immaculate artistry, our team promises delectable and inspiring plates every time.

  • Breakfast [8:00 AM – 11:30 AM]: Labneh, Grilled Halloumi, Foul, Hummus Balila, Hummus with Meat, Hummus with Pine, Fatteh with Yogurt, Fatteh with Meat, Fried Eggs [with cheese, meat, tomato], Eggs with Sojouk, Eggs with Maknek, Zaatar, Cheese Majouka, Fatayer Spinach, Lahem Beajine, Kafta Beajine, Lahem Beajine Trabolsi
  • Cold Appetizers: Fatoush, Tabouleh, Rocca Salad, Green Salad, Hummus, Hummus Beiruty, Moutabbal, Labneh, Vine Leaves, Baba Ghanouj, Hendbeh, Eggplant Mousakaa, Mohamara, Shanklish, 
  • Hot Appetizers: Fried Chicken Liver, Fried Makanek, Fried Sujouk, Lameh Rass Asfour, Hummus with Meat and Pine, Hummus with Pine, Shrimp Provencale, Fish Provencale, Calamari, Lamb Tongues, Falafel Plate, Foul, Hummus Balila, Fatteh with Yogurt, Fatteh with Meat, Grilled Halloumi, Sambousik Cheese, Sambousik Meat, Fatayer Spinach
  • Soups: Lentil Soup, Chicken Soup, Chicken Cream Soup, Chicken with Mushroom Soup, Seafood Soup, Vegetable Soul, Mushroom Soup, Tomato Basil Soup
  • Dishes: Stuffed Lamb, Stuffed Chicken, Biryani Lamb, Biryani Chicken, Fish Sayadiyeh, Grilled Fish Fillet, Fried Kunooz Al Baher, Grilled Kunooz Al Baher, Chicken Escalope, Grilled Salmon, Saffrom Rice, Vermicelli Rice
  • Shawarma: Chicken Shawarma Platter, Meat Shawarma Platter, Mixed Shawarma Platter, Hummus with Meat Shawarma, Hummus with Chicken Shawarmah, Chicken Shawarma Intakli, Meat Shawarma Intakli 
  • Sandwiches: Sojok, Shish Tawouk, Nhkaat, Makanek, Lsanat, Lamb Cubes, Kabab, Kabab Orfali, Grilled Kafta, Grilled Chicken Kafta, Falafel, Escalope, Rosto
  • Lebanese Grill: Mixed Grill, Shish Tawouk, Grilled Meat, Grilled Kafta, Grilled Lamb Liver, Grilled Vegetables with Lamb Fat, Kabab Orfali, Eggplant Kabab, Kabab Khash Khash, Lamb Chops, Arayess Kafta, Grilled Chicken Kafta, Msabaha with Pine Nuts. 
  • Desserts: Maamoul, Shaabiyat, Lebanese Baklava, Halawat El Jibn, Layali Lubnan, Kanafeh [cheese], Nammoura, Znoud El Sit, Aish El Saraya Recipe, Sfouf
  • Juices: Orange, Lemonade, Lemonade with Mint, Apple, Carrot, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Cocktail Juice, Strawberry, Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Melon, Banana, Sliced Fruit Cocktail, Avocado, Jellab, Laban Ayran
  • Cold Drinks: Water [500ML, 1L], Sparkling Water, Soft Drinks 

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“The best authentic Lebanese food ever. After living over 10 years in UAE, this is one place that truly reminds me of home. They are making Lebanon proud!” 

“The food is absolutely to die for. My family and I got instantly teleported back to the street of Beirut. There is a huge variety of food, and it made our stomachs full and also our hearts. And, that’s the most important thing.”

“If you miss authentic Lebanese cuisine, then head down to imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy. The food is of exceptional quality, and the staff is amazing. Sending tons of love. Highly recommended!”

“I have visited a lot of Lebanese restaurants, but hands down imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy is the BEST in town. Everything was delicious, fresh, and provided great value for money. ‘Truly hospitable and a passionate team. Great job imad Ghreiwati Mae Hubiy, you are making us proud!